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Retrograde is over! [Oct. 9th, 2015|10:47 pm]
It's been kind of a rough month. The last three conventions we've gone to have barely covered cost, but at least a large part of the cost is paid way ahead of time and hotel cost is paid through credit card, so we get to come home with money in our pockets. It's been enough to cover bills, but not much more than that, and I need a bit of a nest egg saved up in order to get through December. I need to stop worrying, and I can't let a slow convention be discouraging. We're thinking maybe Wizard World shows are just going downhill. Doesn't help that most of the bigger names that they've had scheduled have canceled last minute.

Other nonsense over the last month include:
Clogged plumbing which required the downstairs toilet to be moved
Only to discover that the flange under the toilet is broken and gone
And has been slowly destroying the floor and wall behind the toilet
And will require that the entire floor be taken up in order to replace it
We decided we'll be just fine pretending that we don't have a downstairs bathroom for a while, until we can afford all of those fixes.
My car developed an exhaust leak and needed a whole new muffler assembly.
Our convention display broke and is currently being held together by duct tape
Also, my still very young laptop stopped believing that it had a USB port. Luckily it was still under warrenty, and they sent me a brand new one, which I got in the mail today and have just finished setting up. (Probably worked out well. I don't want to imagine how difficult set up on a new device would have been if the retrograde were still in effect!)

In good news, the new vet clinic is up and running! So far, they've had some trouble with working out scheduling and learning the new computer system, but I think most of them are just happy to be back to work. I'm still really nervous about the whole thing. I went up yesterday for the first time to see about learning the computer myself and trying to get an idea of the flow there. I have to work all day on the 26th, which will be strange because I haven't had any of their formal training with the new equipment and policies and I'm probably only going to make it up there one or two more days to volunteer before then. Hopefully it'll go well and they'll just be glad to have another warm body in the building on a day when the other two techs are on vacation.

Less than a month before the glorious 7 days cruise to Jamaica and Mexico!!! I can't wait! I think the vacation will be so good for us.

Ok, enough rambling for now!