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The life of this cat.

22 November 1979
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Hey'a! I'm Melissa (most commonly Miss or Patinha.) I'm 35 and work as a veterinary technician. I live with three cats (Alistair the Spicy Pickle, Aya, and Brashen), four dogs (Suji - pit mix, Bug - Chihuaha, Bug's half sister, Pita Chip, and Mandinga - aussie mix. ), two sugar gliders (Strider and Mochi), and I have my wonderful hubby, Nick, too. <3 I enjoy reading, writing, drawing, both of the latter needing great improvement. ^^; I also really like movies and anime, j-pop, and am a big fan of high fantasy. I travel to conventions selling Nick's artwork and sometimes get lucky enough to meet celebrities at comic conventions. I'm almost always obsessed with something, so forgive me if I mention the same thing in multiple journal entries. :)
Current Obsessions: Supernatural, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Gilmore Girls