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CRUISE IS COMING! [Nov. 4th, 2015|02:18 pm]
I can't believe the cruise I paid for a year ago is going to be happening so soon! We'll be leaving for our friend's house tomorrow night, then heading to New Orleans first thing Friday. On Saturday, we'll explore the French Quarter, and Sunday, we board the ship!!!!! I haven't had a real vacation in 6 years, despite the fact that we've gone to a lot fun places to work at conventions.

Gotta be sure I pack a couple of books and get the DLC downloaded for Witcher 3 so I can play on the ship if the mood strikes. :) I think Nick plans to aquire some of the TV shows we need to catch up on if there's time, too.

I'm still both nervous and excited to go an entire week with no internet/phone service.
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(no subject) [Oct. 19th, 2015|12:37 am]
Lately I've had a nagging and discouraging train of thought that likes to ruin what I'm working towards. It says, "You're too old to get good at anything new. It's too late to re-define so much in your life. Don't you wish you'd known about this Years ago?" Then it sneers at me. As if it wasn't bad enough that my patience for sticking with something is seriously lacking.

NaNoWriMo is coming soon! And I actually have an IDEA!! I'm pretty excited for it. Maybe I'll get more than 2 pages written this time. ^^
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Retrograde is over! [Oct. 9th, 2015|10:47 pm]
It's been kind of a rough month. The last three conventions we've gone to have barely covered cost, but at least a large part of the cost is paid way ahead of time and hotel cost is paid through credit card, so we get to come home with money in our pockets. It's been enough to cover bills, but not much more than that, and I need a bit of a nest egg saved up in order to get through December. I need to stop worrying, and I can't let a slow convention be discouraging. We're thinking maybe Wizard World shows are just going downhill. Doesn't help that most of the bigger names that they've had scheduled have canceled last minute.

Other nonsense over the last month include:
Clogged plumbing which required the downstairs toilet to be moved
Only to discover that the flange under the toilet is broken and gone
And has been slowly destroying the floor and wall behind the toilet
And will require that the entire floor be taken up in order to replace it
We decided we'll be just fine pretending that we don't have a downstairs bathroom for a while, until we can afford all of those fixes.
My car developed an exhaust leak and needed a whole new muffler assembly.
Our convention display broke and is currently being held together by duct tape
Also, my still very young laptop stopped believing that it had a USB port. Luckily it was still under warrenty, and they sent me a brand new one, which I got in the mail today and have just finished setting up. (Probably worked out well. I don't want to imagine how difficult set up on a new device would have been if the retrograde were still in effect!)

In good news, the new vet clinic is up and running! So far, they've had some trouble with working out scheduling and learning the new computer system, but I think most of them are just happy to be back to work. I'm still really nervous about the whole thing. I went up yesterday for the first time to see about learning the computer myself and trying to get an idea of the flow there. I have to work all day on the 26th, which will be strange because I haven't had any of their formal training with the new equipment and policies and I'm probably only going to make it up there one or two more days to volunteer before then. Hopefully it'll go well and they'll just be glad to have another warm body in the building on a day when the other two techs are on vacation.

Less than a month before the glorious 7 days cruise to Jamaica and Mexico!!! I can't wait! I think the vacation will be so good for us.

Ok, enough rambling for now!
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Suji Update and Car Stuff [Jul. 3rd, 2015|04:48 pm]
The xrays on my Old Man dog showed that it was actually an injured joint capsule, lots of arthritis, and possibly a lipoma growing under the muscle. None of that is "good" but it's all better than what I feared! After a low dose of a short acting steroid injection and a day of sleep, Suji seemed to feel much better, and the swelling is way down. YAY!

This time of year is usually Anime Expo in LA. It's a trip that I look forward to, and this year was going to be Awesome. 5 minutes into our journey, we were rear ended bad enough that the trunk would no longer close, effectively making our car unusable for bringing our stock with us on the trip. Renting a car was going to cut too deeply into the profits (though in retrospect, I wonder if the other driver's insurance company could have been made to pay for the full 2 weeks of rental we would have needed...). Leaving for 2 weeks, with another trip the following weekend, would have also made it pretty impossible to get things taken care of with the car, so we opted to cut our losses and stay. We got the call on Tuesday that they other insurance company found the damage to be > than the worth of the car, so they have offered a decent amount for it and towed it away. Today we went car shopping! We've settled on a sparkly white 2012 Nissan Rogue. (We were driving a 2004 Toyota Corolla, and honestly, we were right on the edge of having outgrown it with our traveling inventory.) Hopefully, we'll get the check by Tues of next week and will have the car by that night!
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The Dreaded Decision [Jun. 24th, 2015|10:37 pm]
[mood |sadsad]

My oldest dog, Suji, is 15 now. He's got hip displaysia and has been on supplements and pain meds for it for about 4 years now. He started looking a little stiff in the back end a few years ago, but meds kept him acting very normal. A bit over a year ago, he really slowed down, but he still wanted to go for short walks, he still picked up a toy from time to time, he'd still come upstairs in the mornings to see if he could make breakfast happen sooner, and he loved his food and his rawhides. Two months ago, I had him groomed at a place that doesn't have kennels, they just call you to pick up as soon as they're done. I'm sure they were as gentle as they could be, and they'd understood my concerns as an owner of an old dog whose back end is painful. The day after the grooming, he started limping really bad on a front leg. The pain seemed to be coming from his elbow or shoulder. I added on an additional pain medication that was safe to use with what he was already taking and kept him even more quiet at home than he already tends to be. A week passed and it didn't seem much better. I attributed it to him tweaking something getting in or out of the car or something, and really don't blame the groomer at all, but I was getting scared. He was having trouble getting up, it was uncomfortable for him to stand to eat, and he didn't want to go outside at all. I decided I'd give it another week before considering more drastic measures. Three days later, he seemed to be feeling better. Infact, after breakfast, he started barking (his adorable, old man bark), and practically hopping on front legs in a demand to be taken for a walk. I was SO excited, and took him just a few houses down, not wanting to let him re-injure his leg now that he was feeling better.
He was still limping on the front end a little bit, but he was feeling so much better that I was no longer worried that it was anything more than arthritis. Suji was back to his normal activity for his old age.
Cut to Sunday, just a few days ago. I'd gotten back in town and was sitting on the floor to spend some time with the dogs, and Suji happily flopped into my lap. I don't know what made me do it, but I felt on his elbow joints. The one he's been limping on was swollen, with what feels like lumps above and below, firm and not movable. I started crying almost instantly, because it sure feels like bone cancer. I had my friend come over to feel to see if she'd tell me I was being paranoid, but she nodded silent agreement. It's no better today, so I scheduled an appt with Dr. H to take chest and elbow rads to confirm my fears. It won't change anything, really. He's 15, and not a candidate for surgery. I'm not going to have my buddy spend his last year in recovery. He's also already on the max dose of pain meds, so it really is just so I Know.
I hate that I'm going out of town for 2 week on Monday. My friend takes great care of the critters, and she knows what to do if anything Happens, but I'd prefer to be with him. If it is bone cancer, it can get worse so quickly, and it's so painful. Ugh. I hate this. I've only had to make The Decision once before with my cat. At that time, it was Dr. H that came to my apartment.
We'll see what xrays say tomorrow.
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Productive in the House! [Apr. 29th, 2015|04:16 pm]
I finally have the day bed I've been dreaming of! I knew what I was looking for, I just couldn't find it at a reasonable priced until this past weekend. That motivated me to get working more on my guest room/study. Currently, I'm typing from my desk in the room that is almost finished. :D

I have VIP tickets to meet David Tennant in just a week and a half!!! I'm very excited! I found out he was going to be at Wizard in Philly, so we bought an art table. When I went to purchase the autograph and photo op tickets, they said they were reserved only for VIPs, so I got the VIP package instead. Ridiculous, I know, but Tennant was on that list of celebs that I could dream of meeting but the likelihood was very slim.

TMI/Personalish, read further at your own risk:

I'm scheduled for the NovaSure procedure towards the end of next month!! I'm nervous, but mostly excited and hopeful that I'll be in the category that gets rid of things altogether! I'm mostly prepared for a day or two of pain and misery afterward, but it'll be worth it. Nick and I are pretty sure that we don't want kids, at least not any time soon, and if we change our mind, adoption is always an option.
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Changes and more changes [Mar. 29th, 2015|03:08 pm]
Nick has definitely been enjoying not having to clock in at a normal job anymore. The only bad side-effect so far has been the weight gain for both of us traveling together! I used to travel with Sifu or Wil and Tyrine and simply wouldn't eat aside from a late breakfast and dinner. On the few trips Nick could go on, he likes three meals a day and snacks because for him, conventions were vacation time away from his job. So we'd traveled together three times in January before both of us realized we're going to Have to get strict on ourselves. We're already making progress. We're both members of the gym now, and we're working together to keep food reasonable. :)

I quit my job a month ago, as well. Veterinary Care Center was just not the same place anymore. They fired M for completely BS reasons, saying that she didn't like the new partner and was setting a bad example for the rest of the staff. In reality, she was the Only one telling us all to stick it through for at least a year to see if things would improve. She and N heard through the grapevine that they were both going to be fired, and Dr. J was overheard saying "...when we get rid of problems 1 and 2..." Sure enough, the next day, I got the call from M that she'd been fired, so I went up to the office, unsure of what my intentions were at the moment, but I needed to pay a bill anyway. The new office manager called me into the office, exclaiming what perfect timing I had. She said she assumed I knew what had happened and "would completely understand if I just didn't want to come in to work again." She went on to tell me that N was quitting upstairs at that moment, so she wouldn't blame me at all if I wanted to go with her. Nicole walked in at that moment to hand over her key, so I told the office manager that I was done, turned to N and asked if she wanted to go to lunch. 13 years. I'm not going to pretend that it didn't hurt, but once all was said and done, I felt the weight drop from my shoulders. I hated it there with only the two doctors that I simply don't trust and everyone so unhappy. I hear that now they are trying to get rid of the holistic doctor that comes in on occassion to treat her patients and send off her tests. Why? Because she won't conform to the money grubbing, cheap ways they want to run things now! She's going to stand firm and practice medicine the way she wants to. It'll all be ok, though. I'll have a job again by July if I want it.

With my new found freedom, I dyed my hair purple! I love it, and may actually keep doing it.

Nick bought me a Samsung Note 10.1 so that I could practice drawing in the hopes that I may at least get good enough to lay down a sketchy foundation for him to improve and paint over. He hates the posing/lines part, but enjoys the coloring. We'll see if that happens or not. Right now, my attempts are pretty hilarious.

I'm trying to get better about drawing a tarot card every day and writing about it. I'm motivated, I just don't do it!

Nothing else of interest for now.
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Update on all the Things [Jan. 12th, 2015|08:25 pm]
My husband officially quit his job. This coming Friday will be his last day. I'm trying so hard to be incredibly happy for him, which I AM!, it's just that I'm also nervous for us. It'll be different having to live without his regularly scheduled paychecks. I'm not always good about change, but I know we can do this! We've already got comic and anime conventions booked through most of the year. It's so stressful waiting to see if we'll be accepted into the ones we know are good!

My own job at the vet clinic has gone through a lot of changes, and it hasn't all been for the best. The clinic was sold to three new partners, and they've been slowly bringing in people to take over. We have a new office manager who seems very friendly and open, but who doesn't actually care what we think of the changes that are happening. The new owners feel that the only value the vets have is the revenue that they bring in. No one would ever say that of their pediatrician, so why do they think people don't get attached to and value the doctors that care for their pets? They lost two of our doctors, so we're only left with the one that would play by their rules and a new one from a Humane Society. She seems nice enough, so I'm willing to give her a chance, but a lot of our best (and favorite) clients are leaving the practice. A few say they'll try out the new doctor so long as myself and one of the other techs are staying.

We booked a Western Caribbean cruise for late this year! Nick has never been on a cruise before, and the only one I've been on was for my friend's 18th birthday so many years ago. I've been wanting to go on another one ever since, so I'm delighted that we were able to find this one at a very reasonable price. Our best friends are also going to be on the cruise, so it's sure to be SO much fun!

I've been practicing on and off with Tarot cards for a little over a year now, even offering very low price readings at the convention tables. Most of the time, the results are very well received and encouraging. Yesterday, though, I had a woman who was not at all into it, who did nothing but stare at me the entire time, barely offering a nod when I'd ask if what I was saying had any relevance, and when I finished describing the last card, said, "That's it?" It was extremely disheartening. Ah well, practice, practice, practice. Can't do anything about it if a person just doesn't connect with the reader, right?

Nick and I are in New Orleans right now! I was really excited to get to show him the French Quarter today, and eat delicious food. It's been a great trip.

Strider the Sugar Glider is doing very well. We got him a buddy from a breeder in Houston - a leucistic neutered male that we named Mochi. They are very close in age and introductions went very well after only a week of keeping them separated. I only wish the male cats in the household didn't pose such a threat to the gliders. Playtime just involves letting them loose in the bedroom with the cats locked out. My dogs are pretty neutral about them and don't try to chase or snap at them, even the one time Strider got suicidal and ran down my leg to nip the aussie mix on the nose. He crabbed the whole way back up to my shoulder, and the poor dog just looked confused.

Ok, sorry for the long post! I really need to do post more often, rather than just reading Friends posts every few days!
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What's Making Me Happy [May. 25th, 2014|10:15 pm]
Things that are currently making me happy:
1) Going to see X-Men: Days of Future Past tomorrow!!!
2) Strider the Sugar Glider is so much friendlier. I can take him out and carry him around downstairs briefly without having him in his pouch so long as I'm careful of the other pets and it's during the day so he's still sleepy.
3) ACen was a successful convention and we have 3 other huge ones coming up over the next 2 months so we should be able to put a dent in our debts.
4) Pre-ordered Dragon Age: Inquisition mostly so that I could get the Tarot Deck that comes with the special edition. :)
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Strider, the Sugar Glider [Apr. 27th, 2014|02:33 pm]
[mood |chipperchipper]

Strider and toy
This is Strider, the newest addition to our family. I got him at St. Louis Comic Con from Perfect Pocket Pets. He's been a lot of fun and a lot of work! We're still working on the whole bonding process, which is only made harder by the fact that I have a small zoo at home and very few glider-proofed areas in the house. At least he can travel with me to shows, and be out in the hotel rooms without me worrying about him getting eaten! In the three weeks since I've had him, I've been reading up on a lot of forums and other glider sites, trying to figure out the best way to feed and house this little monster. For an animal that so few of my friends had even heard of, there's sure a lot of info out there, some good and some not-so-good.
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